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Updated 4/11/24




The Cascadia Super Gravel is going back to its roots and staging out of the Evergreen Sportsman’s Club at:

12736 Marksman Road SW, Olympia, Washington 98512. The Sportsman’s Club is accessible from the freeway and has onsite camping and RV hook ups (Reserve site using provided link only).

Venue: is available by reservation only via the link provided. Space and hookups for RV’s is also available. RESERVE YOUR SITE HERE

​Directions from i5 :

  • Exit 95 and turn onto May Town Rd SW headed towards Littlerock.

  • Drive through the town of little rock (grab a coffee at hillbilly bean!)

  • Turn left onto Waddle Basin

  • Turn right onto Bourdeux rd

  • turn right onto Marksman Dr.

  • Bear Right (Follow the signs) in the Sportsman’s Club

Packet Pick Up:
Packet pick up will be from 4pm-8pm on Friday evening (April 26th) at Three Magnets Brewing in downtown Olympia (600 Franklin St SE STE 105, Olympia). Racers are encouraged to make their way down, pick up their packets in advance (number plates, timing chip…. etc) and have a refreshing pre-race pint and meal at one of Olympia’s favorite post ride establishments.

Should you be unable to make it on Friday eve, packets will be available for pick up as early as 6am on Saturday, April 27th, at the Evergreen Sportsman’s Club.

Start Times:

100 Mile: 7:00am

50 Mile: 8:00am

30 mile 9:00am


-The race directors reserve the right to enforce the cut a cut off at 13 hours (8pm) if needed. The course is estimated to take the average rider 10-12 hours. Riders not back by the cutoff will be offered the option of either a shuttle back to the venue or after verbal confirmation with sweep allowed to finish the ride (knowing that the timing equipment will be taken down by the time of their eventual finish).


​This is an OPEN COURSE, which means that riders and racers need to be aware and conscious of cars on course, as well as hikers, other cyclist, and in some places… horses! So as noted in the rules bellow, stay in your lane and follow the rules of the road.

30 Mile Course

50 Mile Course

100 Mile Course

Course Marking:
- The course will be marked with 8” x 8” arrow signs marking all turns or less then obvious straights. We do still strongly advise (Frankly we sort of require it) all racers and riders to utilize a GPS head unit or handle bar mounted phone with the route loaded as an additional point of reference. Files are availble on the main page with RWGPS link. ALL CUES will be available on the RWGPS by Monday 4/22.

Post Ride:

-Upon finishing the race you will be awarded two slices and a beer and or non-alcoholic beverage.

​-Podiums will happen through out the day as racers finish and results are available. Riders are required to make podium to receive their medals, Medals will only be mailed to finishers per request.


Friday April 26th

  • 12:00pm Regestration Closes

  • 2:00pm Camping check in begins

  • 5:00-7:00pm Packet Pick at Three Magnets Brewing

Saturday April 27th

  • 6:00am Packet pick up resumes

  • 7:00am 100 mile mass start

  • 8:00am 50 mile mass start

  • 9:00am 30 mile mass start and last call for racers on course.

  • 12:00pm Food Truck Opens


Race Rules:

-Riders must obey all applicable traffic laws during the event and are encouraged to use common sense, keep their head up and stay in their lane of travel. At no time will there be a closed road. In the interest of your own safety, you should always assume the same level of vigilance in riding your bike during the event that you would under normal circumstances.

-Riders should expect vehicle traffic on all roads, along with ATVs, motorcycles and wild animals. Stay in your lane and follow the rules of the road.

-All riders are required to wear an approved helmet and cannot remove it at any time during the race.

-No support or follow vehicles are allowed. Aid stations will be well stocked and able to handle participant’s needs.

-Headphones/ear buds and external speakers are NOT permitted during a ride. Bone Conducting headphones that do not touch or cover the ear are permitted.

-A rider may be disqualified for damaging or destroying public or private property. A rider may be held liable for all costs associated with the damage or destruction.

-Downeast Racing officials reserve the right to make changes to the course, delay start times and/or postpone the event as necessary for safety and/or security purposes, or at the request of permit issuers.

-Do not get behind the sweeps! If you choose to take a break off course you run the risk of the sweep passing you, and you no longer being accounted for. Stay safe, stay on course.


How will the course be marked:
Great questions, we'll be marking the course with 8"x8" neon pink arrow signs, similar to past years. However we still strongly recommend (Like, STRONGLY) that riders download the route from RWGPS and use a handle bar mounted gamin or phone as a safety precaution.


On course safety:

It is paramount in a race like this one, where racers are often spread out over 40-60 miles of each other, that each and every rider be prepared as they are able for whatever malfunction, misadventure, or other general mischief may happen. 

We advise all riders to carry their own tool kits with flat repair provisions, and a general know how of basic bike maintenance. 

We will have two EMTs on course, as well as several follow vehicles to help extract injured riders. 

IN THE EVENT OF A CRASH if there is any question as to the condition of the rider, call 911. Thurston and Grays Harbor County FD are well versed in navigating Capitol Forest, and can provide immediate assistance. If the rider is ok but unable to continue, riders can contact the race director (Contact information and more detailed instructions will be emailed to registered racers the week of the race) and the race director will deploy a retrieval vehicle and medical staff to the injured rider. 


We will be providing all racers with a post race meal provided by our friends at Vics Pizzeria. Gluten Free and Vegan options are available upon request. 


As with every year we welcome back our dear friends from 3Magnets brewing and their Self Care line of Non Alcoholic beers to the race. We will also have some full strength  regular beers as well for you enjoyment. We'll let you drink water too, we're not monsters, but after that you're on your own :)

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