Updated 4/13/21




-With the campgrounds closed late this season due to Covid we are asking racers to either:
1. Find a small pull out (CF is littered with dead end roads, find one and relax for the evening).
2. Grab a hotel in Olympia and get up early.
3. OR we will be allowing limited Car Camping (No Tents) at the venue Friday night after packet Pickup in the parking area, in accordance with our parking policy. Any racers settling in before 8pm should be ready to be asked to rearrange @8pm.


Packet Pick Up:
-Packet pick up will begin at 5pm on Friday evening (April 23rd) at the Oly Taproom on Percival Landing in downtown Olympia (9312 Columbia St NW). Racers are encouraged to make their way down, pick up their packets in advance (number plates, timing chip, food and beer, tickets….) and have a refreshing pre-race pint at one of Olympia’s favorite post ride establishments.

Should you be unable to make it on Friday eve, packets will be available for pick up as early as 6am on Saturday, April 24th, at the Fall Creek Venue. 


Start Times: 6am-9am
-Due to the state proclamation that Thurston County is staying in Phase 3, we are pleased to be able to offer a more relaxed start procedure.

-Racers will be allowed to self seed between the hours of 6am, and 9am. Riders will be released from the start coral in waves of 30.


-The first mile of the race is a “neutral start” with timing beginning at the bottom of C5000 road, after completing the wedekind trail start.

-Finish time will be record at the venue AFTER returning along the wedekind trail. 


-This is an OPEN COURSE, which means that riders and racers need to be aware and conscious of cars on course, as well as hikers, other cyclist, and in some places… horses! So as noted in the rules bellow, stay in your lane and follow the rules of the road. 

Course Marking:
- The course will be marked heavily with 8” x 8” arrow signs marking all turns or less then obvious straights. We do still strongly advise all racers and riders to utilize a GPS head unit or handle bar mounted phone with the route loaded as an additional point of reference. 



-A 14 hour Cutoff will be enforced, with the race starting at 6am and ending at 8pm. 100 mile racers are encouraged to start as close to 6am as possible, the course is estimated to take the average rider 10-12 hours. Riders not back by the cutoff will be offered the option of either a shuttle back to the venue or after verbal confirmation with sweep allowed to finish the ride (knowing that the timing equipment will be taken down by the time of their eventual finish).



Post Ride:

-Upon finishing the race, and turning in your timing chip (failure to turn in your timing chip will result in a $100 fine) you will be awarded two slices and a beer. Riders are asked to vacate the venue as best as possible and enjoy their post ride in as distanced a manner as possible.

-30 mile poker run athletes are to turn in their cards to the Dealer for scoring and prizes, separately from their timing chips.

-Podiums will happen through out the day as racers finish and results are available. Riders are not required to make podium to receive their medals, all medals not distributed will be mailed to participants at their request. 




COVID19 Precautions & Protocols:

-Masks are to be worn over the mouth and nose at all times while in the venue and outside of your car. Refusal will result in disqualification.


-Riders will be let out of the Coral in waves of 30, with 5 minute breaks between waves. Waves are self seeded, so if you’re riding with friends, coordinate and make sure that you seed together.

-Faster riders, or folks that are planning on racing the routes, are encouraged to start early to prevent as much passing on course as possible. 


-Masks are to be worn in that start coral and at the start of the race, but can be removed when underway and 100’ out of the venue, 

-All athletes, spectators, and volunteers are asked to honor social distancing protocols, providing 6’ of space to other attendees, ESPECIALLY when waiting in lines for food, bathrooms, beverages, ect.. 


Race Rules:

-Riders must obey all applicable traffic laws during the event and are encouraged to use common sense, keep their head up and stay in their lane of travel. At no time will there be a closed road. In the interest of your own safety, you should always assume the same level of vigilance in riding your bike during the event that you would under normal circumstances.

-Riders should expect vehicle traffic on all roads, along with ATVs, motorcycles and wild animals. Stay in your lane and follow the rules of the road.

-All riders are required to wear an approved helmet and cannot remove it at any time during the race.

-No support or follow vehicles are allowed. Aid stations will be well stocked and able to handle participant’s needs.

-Headphones/ear buds and external speakers are NOT permitted during a ride. Bone Conducting headphones that do not touch or cover the ear are permitted.

-A rider may be disqualified for damaging or destroying public or private property. A rider may be held liable for all costs associated with the damage or destruction.


-Downeast Racing officials reserve the right to make changes to the course, delay start times and/or postpone the event as necessary for safety and/or security purposes, or at the request of permit issuers.


How will the course be marked:
Great questions, we'll be marking  the course with 8"x8" neon pink arrow signs, similar to past years. However we still strongly recommend that riders download the route from RWGPS and use a handle bar mounted gamin or phone as a safety precaution. 


If the race is self seeded with an open time frame start, how do we know who wins?:

Professional timing is being provided by  out friends at Pacific Multisport, racers will all be given a timing chip with their race number to be firmly secured to their fork leg. Additional timing stations will also be set up around the 100 mile course to ensure ensure that all racers follow the same, and correct, course.

Can I still ride with my friends? 
YES! While it is an open start, riders are encouraged to seed together with their friends and racing partners to maximize their experience, to this end we have an open google document on the front page titled "Self Seed". 

This is intended to be a non-binding organizational tool for racers to use to help themselves organize with race partners, or potential race partner. Simply click the link on the hope page and add your name to one of the 12 start times listed. 

Want to ride alone? Thats fine too! We're operating on an open start policy, so as soon as you're ready to go, just start riding.