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The Cascadia Super Gravel has been described as the niche amongst niches. It's takes racers along some of the most rugged roads, the windiest single track, and often times multiple creek crossing, all whilst navigating the erratic microclimate that is Capitol Forest. Racers will need to be as prepared to hike through snow as they are to battle the heart, to brave the rain as much as the creeks. Preparation is the key to success.


Here at the Super Gravel, we espouse the gospel of the layers.


          -Light weight base layer

          -Wool/fleece outer layer

          -Light wind shell/Vest

          -Rain coat


          -Bibs Shorts

          -Packable rain pants


          - 1-3 pairs of mid weight, warm, and potentially waterproof gloves. Ideally extra pairs are kept in a waterproof bag, zip locs work great. 


         - One nice pair of wool socks should have you taken care of, but if you run on the colder side, then consider a pair of Seal Skins or Showers Pass water-proof socks.


         -Here at the Super Gravel, we like to walk. No matter what course you registered for, there will probably be a little walking. If you're clipping in, stick to the 2 bolt mtb styled cleat/shoe combo. If you're in flats, well you're probably fine. Just steer clear of road race style shoes without recessed cleats. You'll thank us later.


This isn't a multi-day excursion. As long as you show up with a functioning bike that isn't in need of service, you're probably fine. That said, beware of flats! Most of what we're encouraging you to bring with you is to deal with the unfortunate realities of sudden air loss. So, tubes levers, canned air, BRING IT ALL!


        -C02 Cannister x2

        -Hand Pump

        -Plug Tool

        -Tire Lever

        -Quick Link

        -Tubes x2

What you run

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