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Operating in coordination with Friends of Capitol Forest, the Capitol Forest Free For all is a ramble of raucousness, a conspiracy of scoundrelly, a purveyed upwelling of mayhem. It’s a time for the Joes and pros, the diggers and the shredders, the genial and the misanthropic, to all come together in cause, and in fest, to leave their mark on the NorthSlope.

Three days of shuttles.
Two days of racing.
One giant Party.

Shuttles will be running from Saturday morning, until Monday night. You heard that right. Three. Days. Of. Shuttles. How many laps do you think you can manage? The only limiting factor will be your fitness, and how much pump those arms can handle. 

Racing will happen both Saturday and Sunday, with timing provided by our friends at Race Cascadia. One trail each. As many runs as you want. Fastest time takes it. 2 runs or 20 it’s your decision, just race until you’re done, then keep riding. It’s a Free For All.


The Weekend:

September 4-5-6

The  Shuttles:

Saturday 9am-6pm 

Sunday 9am-6pm 

monday 10am-4pm 

The Race:

Saturday: Single Course Open/AM

Sunday: Single Course Open/AM

The Party:

We'll get to that later 😉



Open Men

Open Women

OPen non-binary
HardTail Open

Expert Men 18-34

Expert Men 35-49

Expert Men 50+

Expert WOmen 18-34

Expert Women 35-49

Expert Women 50+

Sport Men 18-34

Sport Men 35-49

Sport Men 50+

Sport WOmen 18-34

Sport Women 35-49

Sport Women 50+

Junior Ex Men 17 & under

Junior Ex Women 17 & under

Junior Men 17 & under

Junior Women 17 & under

Youth Boys 12 & under

Youth girls 12 & under


Weekend: $190

Saturday: $70

Sunday: $70

Monday: $50

Whats included?

In an effort to keep prices to a minimum, your race entry includes your shuttles, your timing, and your post ride beer. 

Camping and food while available at the venue, are not included in the cost of entry. These costs were removed from the price of entry to ensure the most flexibility to racers to plan their weekend the best way they see fit. 

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