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What:Grav·el Hap·py Hour/ˈɡravəl ˈhapē ˌou(ə)r/noun

A monthly group ride, predicated on community building, garnering a greater understanding and comfort in absurdist gravel riding, and casual dirt vibes.

Gravel Happy Hour.

Come join the CSG crew every fourth Sunday of the month starting in September, for a day of Capitol Forest wanders. We’ll be finding our way through our favorite dirt roads, gravel paths, vague byways, overgrown single track, and nonsensical hike a bikes (they’re worth it. We promise.) to showcase our favorite aspects of Capitol Forest and help foster a greater comfort with the forest and it’s many, many, secrets.

These rides won’t be “easy” but they won’t be fast either, so come with a base, and we’ll handle the rest.

Rides will start at 10am, although they may move back to 9am as we enter dark season. Route stats (mileage/elevation) and start locations will be available 10-14 days prior to each ride, however exact routes are subject to change depending on weather, road conditions, logging, etc…


WHERE: The Skep and Skein Tavern
2106 Harrison Ave NW Olympia WA 98502

When: Fourth Sunday of Every Month

Gravel l Happy Hour will be the fourth Sunday of every month, EXCEPT December when we'll be out supporting the pals at Evergreen Gravel Racing. with their annual grinder. 



September 26th
October 24th
November 28th
December 4th evergreen_gravel_racing grinder
January 30th
February 27th
March 27th

Who: YOU!

This is for you! And your friends, your family (Not your racist grandma though) and all you riding buddies. These rides are not so much "training" rides, but rather acclimatization rides. So if you're a cyclist and are feeling a little "Gravel Curious", and would like to dip your feet in with a great and welcoming group, than join us!