What is the Cascadia Super Gravel?

What is the Cascadia Super Gravel? The CSG is the culmination of seasons upon seasons of backyard explorations, weekend wanderings, and solitudinous escapes. For years the CSG was nothing more than a barstool disquisition between friends, a dream of sharing our own “Secret” expanse of routeways with the world around. Eventually though over the years this thought experiment grew in to something solid, and in 2017 we showed the world what Capitol Forest had to offer. Racers showed up from several countries, over 30 states, and in the most quintessential Northwest weather that the gods could offer them, took on sixty miles of Capitol Forest grit, guts, and gravel. The Cascadia Super Gravel was born. And for 2018, and 2019, it thrived, captivating the northwest and exposing the beauty of the Black Hills to the rest of the world, and now it’s back.

While the 2021 edition of the Cascadia Super Gravel comes on the heals of what has been nothing short of a tremendous year of strain, stress, and turmoil for many in our community, we believe that there is no better time then now for safe, conscious, and professional bike racing. 

We're back and we mean business. 

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2022 Cascadia Super Gravel

Saturday April 23rd 2022

Fall Creek Trail Head

Capitol Forest // Olympia WA

Three Courses

30 Mile poker run (5,000') $70

50 Miles Race (7,000').       $90

100 Mile Race (10,000').       $110

Course Links

Three courses, two ways to compete, one day

100 miles of grit

Not looking for the all day burn? Then Fifty Miles of Guts offers a stunning day in the hills, with enough miles and elevation to ensure a day off earned. If you show up to race, then a race you’ll have, but if riding with your pals is the agenda, well then the 50 may just be what you’re looking for. This is the race for the weekend warriors, the offseason athletes, and everybody in between. 

Test your mettle against the longest course the CSG has ever offered. This race will push your grit over 100 miles and nearly 11,000' of vertical gain, taking racers across the expanse of capitol forest in what will be the largest circumnavigation we've ever attempted. The highs will be high, and the lows will be low, and you’ll all out come out better from it. This is the race for the Legends. 

50 miles of guts

30 miles of gravel, poker run

Thirty Miles of Gravel takes riders on a scenic tour of the southern underbelly of Capitol Forest where they will compete with each other in a series of puzzles and mind games at the aid stations  that earn them points  in an attempt to compile the best hand possible. Just because it’s shorter though, don’t expect it to be easier, ride too quick and you’ll lose your wits, take your time and there will be no points left for you. This format may be untimed, but don’t expect it to be non competitive. This is the race to have the most fun, the partier's race, the people's race. 


Race, or don't.

THe day is yours.

Be competitive, or don't. The day is yours. 

Course LInks

The Race

100 miles of grit

Open Men, Open Women.

Pro Purse $300/150/75
Equal Purse Men & Women


50 miles of Guts

Racers entering the 50 miles of Guts will have the option to self seed in any of the 15 person waves they choose. Waves leaving first will be designated "Competitive" waves, and waves leaving later will be for the folks looking to have a more scenic day. Put yourself where ever you want. The priority of the days is just that you get your tires on dirt. 

Men 29 & Under, 30-39, 40-49, 50+
Women 35 & Under, 36-49, 50+

Single Speed Open

30 miles of Gravel poker run

Men, Women.
Un-Timed. All Fun. Join your friends in a all day wander of the forest in search of aid stations and poker cards to build your hand and compete for prizes.  


Frequently asked questions

The best bike for the Cascadia Super Gravel would be a gravel specific or cyclocross bike with a minimum of 32mm tires,Mountain bikes are allowed.  Due to the challenging terrain we strongly advise disc brakes.

What kind of bike should I bring?

Your registration fee entry affords you a professional, well organized event; a well marked course; Professional timing with fast, accurate results; on-course mechanical support; one free entry into race day raffle; super stocked feed stations; hearty post-race meal and refreshing beer (21+ and covid dependent)

What's included with registration?

How hard it he course? What are the roads like?

With three course distances embedded within an incredible network of gravel roads, you'll find a balance between epic, challenging and completely doable.  Don't think you can get off the couch after curling your favorite IPA for the last few months and do it.   However,  if you've been riding your bike consistently in preparation you should be able to complete the course.  The course is 90% gravel, ranging from hard, compact gravel, to loose gravel and dirt.  The first and last few miles are on pavement.  

Depends on Covid! If we have enter phase four by race date, then we will proceed as usual with Instant results available after the race amd an award ceremony to immediately follow. Stay for the after-party to swap war stories over beer and a hearty post race meal.

If we are still in a phase 2-3 then results will still be immediately available, but online only, the after party may have to wait until 2022. Like you though, we don't know the answer to this one. 

What happens after the race?

Camping will be available on site

Additional lodging options are available within 20 minutes of the venue: airbnb.com | hotels.com

Is the camping available?

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Venue: Fall Creek Trail HEad

From i5 south Bound:
-Exit 104 onto hwy 101

-Take second Exit on Black Lake BLVD
-Take black Lake until it terminates, then Left on Delphi rd.

-Turn right onto Waddle Basin

- Continue straight as rd transitions into Sherman Valley rd

-Bear left onto C-Line.
-Take second left (Follow the signs) onto C6000

-Praise Gaia you've arrived.  

From i5 North Bound:
-Exit 95 and turn left onto May Town Rd sw

-Drive through the town of little rock (grab a coffee at hillbilly bean!)
-Turn right onto Waddle Basin

- Turn Left onto Sherman Valley rd

-Bear left onto C-Line.
-Take second left (Follow the signs) onto C6000

-Praise Gaia you've arrived.  

-Riders must obey all applicable traffic laws during the event and are encouraged to use common sense, keep their head up and stay in their lane of travel. At no time will there be a closed road. In the interest of your own safety, you should always assume the same level of vigilance in riding your bike during the event that you would under normal circumstances.

-Riders should expect vehicle traffic on all roads, along with ATVs, motorcycles and wild animals. Stay in your lane and follow the rules of the road.

-All riders are required to wear an approved helmet and cannot remove it at any time during the race.

-No support or follow vehicles are allowed. Aid stations will be well stocked and able to handle participant’s needs.

-Headphones/ear buds are NOT permitted during a ride.

-All riders must attend a mandatory rider's meeting held at the start/finish line 25 minutes prior to the event.

-A rider may be disqualified for damaging or destroying public or private property. A rider may be held liable for all costs associated with the damage or destruction.


-Race officials reserve the right to make changes to the course, delay start times and/or postpone the event as necessary for safety and/or security purposes, or at the request of permit issuers.

Race Rules

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In an effort to put the "fun" back into refunds, and make the fine print a little less fine, here are our refund policies as practiced. 

REfund policy

*Up to 30 days before event*:

Full refund less $10 refund fee per race entry being refunded.

*Less then 30 days before event*:

50%, unless there is an active waitlist, then full refund less $10 refund fee per race entry being refunded.


*Less then 14 days before the event*:

No refunds. 

*Let's address the elephant in the room: Covid cancellation policy! *

Based on the current climate in the state pf Washington (Vaccination efforts, concise and targeted re-opening policies directed at outdoor foot and bicycle events, and the projection being released by the CDC) we are more and more confident in our decision to hold the event in the third week of April.

However, if there is one thing that this year has shown us its that nothings certain.

Should the Cascadia Super Gravel be cancelled as a result of Covid all registrants who are willing will have their registration transferred to our Fall 2021 Back up date.

Once all transfers have been complete, we will begin working through refunds for anyone and everyone who requests them.