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Mark your calendars the Free For All is back in town!


5  Wednesdays of high test head to head racing. Professionally timed, professionally organized, unprofessionally attended. 

Be prepared for a hullabaloo. 

As many runs as you can stuff into up to 3 hours (maximum 6), however you want to do them. Pedaling? Have at it. Wanna shuttle? Better make sure that gas tank is full. Ebike? Turbo mode baby.

All that matters is how fast you can get back down the hill. 

Fastest Counts. 


The Weeknights

Every other Wednesday

May 24th:
LTD--> Stormy
June 7th:
Upper/Lower Bones
June 21st:
Expert: Scoby
Sport: LTD--> Bowfinger

July 5th
Slick Jimmy
July 19tH:
Expert S1:LowKey --> Loki
            S2:Lower SLick
Sport  S1: Bones

The Schedule

Packet pick up 3:30-6pm

Racing 5-8pm

The "Afterwards" 8-?

The Race:

Professionally timed Super-d. Minimum two timed runs. Expect unexpected trail combinations. Shuttle, Pedal, or E-Bike, all that matters is the down.
100% Gravity. 



Expert Men
(Really into going fast)

Expert Women
(Really into going fast)

Sport Men
(LEss into going really fast)

Sport Women
(LEss into going really fast)

Junior Men 13-17
(The youth that almost aren't anymore)

Junior Women 13-17
(The youth that almost aren't anymore)

Youth 12 & under
(Let the kids be kids!)



$35 an evening

Whats included?

-A professionally marked course and at as many timed race runs per day.  
-Instant results and tabulated series overalls
-Prizes and raffles as applicable

Yes, it's bare bones, but so is that price tag :)  



-Packet Pick up 3:30pm
-Racing 5-8
-"Post Race" 8- When ever you leave


-Don't be a prick
-Self seed yourself in line to the best of your ability. 
-Ask for a ghost rider if you need one.
-No headphones.
-There is a $50 Charge for lost or damaged timing ships. 


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