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When life hands you lemons... throw them right back and go ride your damn bike.


Just because the Capitol Forest Free For All [ Heavy?] had to be pushed back a year doesn’t mean that celebrating the NorthSlope Trails has to be.


Because at the end of the day that was always and singularly the only point. Digging and riding.


So mark your calendars the Free For All Lite is in town! Four Wednesdays and a Friday (because you’re not going to want to work after the finale) of professionally timed Northslope racing.


Packets at 5pm, racing from 6-8, potluck after.


Variable format (Gravity oriented) each week, minimum two timed runs. Maximum... well you’ll find out.


We’re keeping this one loose, expected an unexpected combination of trails each week, be prepared to get yourself to the top of the runs (however you choose), and otherwise just get ready to hold er’ wide and let er’ slide!


The Weeknights

Wednesdays June 2nd, 16th, 30th , July 7th.

Series Finale Friday July 30th

The Schedule

Packet pick up 5-6pm

Racing 6-8pm

The "Afterwards" 8-?

The Race:

Professionally timed Super-d Minimum two timed runs. Expect unexpected trail combinations. Race format to change weekly. 100% Gravity. 



Expert Men

(Really into going fast)

Expert Women

(Really into going fast)

Sport Men

(LEss into going really fast)

Sport Women

(LEss into going really fast)

Junior Men 13-17

(The youth that almost aren't anymore)

Junior Women 13-17

(The youth that almost aren't anymore)

Youth 12 & under

(Let the kids be kids!)


$25 an evening

optional donation to Friends of Capitol forest encouraged if able to. 

Whats included?

-A professionally marked course and at least 2 timed race runs per day.  

-Instant results and tabulated series overalls

-Prizes and raffles as applicable.


Yes, it's bare bones, but so is that price tag :)