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Nutrition Guide


If you’re an experienced athlete riding in the 50 or 100 mile course and you know how to feed your body during long efforts on the bike, this guide is not for you.  Plan for a self-supported ride and you can enjoy the well stocked aid stations on the route without the risk of running out of energy between stations.


If the Super Gravel is a little out of your comfort zone or you’re new to gravel, keep reading.


Good race day nutrition starts the day before the race.  Eat a hearty lunch and dinner the night before.


It’s important to have a good breakfast on race day, eat something you know your body can process well so it won’t sit in your gut during the ride.  For example, oatmeal with peanut butter and some fruit works great for me, a giant breakfast burrito does not.  It’s a good idea to skip the mimosas, save that for Sunday morning.


If your race day plan is to go for the win, try to eat mostly carbohydrates like gels, chews and sports drinks.  Try to eat something  every 30 -45 minutes, if you wait until you feel hungry then it's too late.  Wash it down with a big swig of water to keep hydrated.


If you’re just here for a day of fun in the forest you might be better off eating regular food and snacks.  Bring food you enjoy so you’ll look forward to eating it but make sure it’s easy to digest.  You’ll be riding during your normal lunch time, so pack a lunch!  A peanut butter and jelly sandwich packs well, tastes great and delivers serious nutrition.  Beef Jerky is tasty, a banana is great if you can avoid squishing it, and trail mix is the classic.


Pro tip - Before a long ride I like to visit the Little Debbie aisle at the store.  Offering oatmeal cream pies or Nutty Buddys to your group is a great way to make new friends.


Note - There may be beer at the aid stations.  Is it a good idea to drink beer during a long ride?  Maybe, maybe not.  You need to figure that out on your own.  

Interested in reading more about nutrition, check this page from our sponsor Wahoo -

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