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Round #6 Race Guide!





Stage 1: Slick Jimmy


Stage 1: LTD à Scoby




Directions to Slick Jimmy:

-From bottom of KC Line head up towards Low Key

- Pass Low Key and take a left at the “T” onto B6000.

-Carry on past shooting pit keeping the clear cut over your left shoulder.

-When clear cut ends, look for three pink ribbons.

-Get rad.


VENUE: We’ll be staging at a logging landing off of the KC Line.

Same as round 6

-Enter the forest from the KC Line entrance (bottom of Low Key/Mr Bones) head right towards DNR and Scoby.

-Loo for Blue Shimano Tape on your right to designate the venue, park on side of the road.

CHANGES made after round 1:

For this round we have instituted some changes to attempted to mitigate/avoid another line at the trail. Starting this week all Free For All’s going forward will start at 5pm and run until 8pm, giving racers more time to get their laps in, and hopefully spread out runs.

In turn we will be opening up packet pick up from 3pm-6pm.

We understand that not everyone can male 5pm, that is OK! Think of it as less of a start time, and more of a race window, show up when you can, and start getting your laps. It’s going to be great. You’re going to love it.


Racer check in will begin at 3pm sharp at the staging area and run until 6pm.

Racers are encouraged to register in advance as pre-registered riders will receive priority over day of registrants in an effort to get riders checked in and on course as soon as possible.
*More on day of registration down the page*

All racers must sign and turn in two waivers before they are eligible to receive their chips. Waivers are to be signed before every event in person and handed to the waiver receiver (that’s me! Cam) and only after that process is complete will the racer be able to carry on with their race.
Youth Racers: All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who can sign their waivers for them. No exception.


Racers are permitted to make as many timed runs ( up to 6) as they can starting at 5pm and ending at 8pm. Racers are permitted to access the course by either pedal, shuttle, or E-Bike.

Racers will be scored by their fasted run within their category.

Simple enough? Like we said, as few rules as possible.


Racers are permitted to self shuttle so long as they respect the rules of the road and other riders/drivers/ users of the forest. Racers are required to drive within the speed limit of Capitol Forest 25mph and yield to all non motorized users. Unsafe driving, reckless behavior, or other dangerous antics will results in a permanent disqualification from all future DownEast Racing events.

Racers are encouraged to carpool! Meet a stranger, pick up a friend, maybe the stranger becomes a friend! We’re all in this together. The more we car pool (Shuttle pool?) the less cars we have on course. Seems simple enough right?


Results will be compiled starting at 8pm and finished by 9pm. Chips not returned by 830pm are eligible for disqualification or be otherwise omitted from the results. It’s not personal, we just wanna party at a certain point and aren’t going to wait for you if you went for a bonus lap.


We don’t have any! So bring your grillables and a cooking method and let’s goooooo.


Will be replaced by the racer who lost or busted it at a cost of $50 a chip. So turn your chip in.



If you’re getting passed you already lost. Please graciously make space at your soonest, safe, opportunity and let the faster rider through. If this happens more than once consider asking the racer behind you for a ghost rider, they’ll oblige. We’re all here to support each other.

If you’re passing someone holler out to them at your soonest opportunity and alert them to the pass, they will then make space for you at the next easy, safe, opportunity. Passing multiple people? Consider giving them more space on your next lap!


Wear them. Non negotiable. Up hill, downhill, side hill, I don’t care the helmet stays on.


Don’t wear them. You like music? Sick me too, but there are too many people out on the trail on race day and you need to hear them. Wired, wireless, infrared, bone conduction, I don’t care. Take them out.

We’re really trying to keep this as chill as possible, so play nice and don’t be a dick* and make us have to invent more rules.

*The race director reserves the right to disqualify and ban any racer who breaks the moral code of conduct of the race.

**The moral code of conduct of the Capitol Forest Free for All is as follows “Don’t be a dick”

***This shouldn’t be too hard to follow. This is only in here to appease our lawyers. We love you and trust you.

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